Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cubi - PHP Applicaiton Platform

Cubi is a php application platform. It is actually a application built on Openbiz. The goal of Cubi is to provide commonly used functionality in a platform level. It will boost the productivity of Openbiz-based application development.

Cubi 0.1 is planned to release on Feb 2010. It will include the following features.

- User management. Administer user and assign roles to user
- Role management. Administer role and assign role with ACL. Permission
control is done here by assigning Module actions to Role
- Module management. Load new module, reload module, check module
resource actions which is related to ACL
- Email queue and log
- Cronjob manager (not done yet)
- Event log manager
- New naming convention of metadata files
- Menu module. This is to manage application menus. (not started yet,
might not be in first release)

User login and my account
- User login
- Forget password and password reset email
- User registration and welcome email

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